Our vision for:

St Fitticks' Edible Garden

We're excited to be launching our plans to develop an edible garden in the heart of Torry at the former St Fitticks' Council Depot. We are currently in the process of acquiring a community asset transfer from the City Council but we have the funding, the vision, and importantly the enthusiasm already!


Community initiatives needs to have community at the heart, therefore we need your support to ensure the success of this project! You can show your support simply by adding your name to our list of supporters by clicking below, we'll also send you details on how you can get involved, share your thoughts, and volunteer. 

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A versatile space

Cultivate Aberdeen’s vision is to create kind, confident, and connected communities through the power of food-growing with a mission to ensure people of all ages and communities play a part in Aberdeen’s sustainability through food-growing. Our exciting project for St Fitticks' will revolve around three key themes: Community, Education, Recreation.

Community Edible Garden: Healthy minds and healthy bodies start with a healthy diet. As a charity we want to empower individuals and families to think differently about where they live, how they engage with each other, and all by thinking differently about food. Our Edible Garden will be open to all within the community providing access to healthy fruit and vegetables in a safe and relaxing green space in the heart of a regeneration area which will include a ‘green walk’ linking this project with the Torry allotments, Balnagask Golf Course, Greyhope Bay Project, and the new Harbour expansion – with a community driven and owned Edible Garden at the forefront of these exciting projects. The garden will comprise of refurbishing the existing planters and along with the addition of 16 others, a new tiered orchard, herb garden, potting shed and greenhouse/polytunnel. 

Education Area: Within the Edible Garden (nom nom nom) we will have a dedicated area for education and outdoor learning which will be versatile in its use and audience. A specially created education ‘pod’ with outdoor blackboard will be used for community learning, schools, and uniformed groups that can also be adapted for businesses to use for team days or activities. Adjacent to the pod will be areas for children and young people to be more creative with the emphasis on fun. 

Recreation: Our third objective is to utilise the natural benefits of this site and the beautiful scenery of the new harbour expansion where St Fitticks’ has a prime view. As identified by the Scottish Government, individuals (particularly older people) could benefit from green prescriptions and reap the benefits of outdoor recreation. Outdoor activity has been shown to be beneficial for the physical and mental health and wellbeing and our recreation areas will be a perfect example within Torry of the ‘Natural Health Service’. We're going to create an accessible path to all areas of the site to remove any physical barriers to accessing the garden by all members of the community. Structurally, we will apply for planning permission to house a potting shed which will come in a separate phase after the completion of the growing and education areas.

Activities will take place weekly to maintain the garden in good weather along with promote skills around sustainability and raising environmental awareness (linking into the Scottish Governments’ commitment to increasing science capital for children and young people).